Epilogue - The Maven Release Plugin

We've been spending a little more time recently at work moving our code repo away from subversion and over to git. Whilst we were doing this, I came across this »

Configuring Tomcat's Rewrite Valve To Work With Different Contexts

Imagine you have a Tomcat 8 server running two different contexts with URLs like this: someurl.example/context1/.... someurl.example/context2/.... and you need to capture requests to: someurl.example/ »

32-bit Flag in Visual Studio 2013

In Visual Studio 2013 Microsoft introduced a new setting Prefer 32-bit for projects that compile as executables, such as Console applications. This setting causes the compiler to set a flag »

Simple Apache Based Blue Green Deployments

Overview Blue / Green Deployment is a common pattern for managing deployment of a sizeable estate to allow teams to release frequently. It gives you a simple way of smoke testing »

Silicon Milkroundabout November 2014

We are excited to announce that we will once again be returning to Silicon Milk roundabout on the 16th November. We are looking for .NET developers at all levels and »