Strongly Typed SignalR Hubs with TypeScript

SignalR is a great piece of kit for rapidly developing a push communication layer for a user interface. However there are a couple of things we would like it to »

Operability.IO 2016

Operability.IO is a yearly two-day event focused on "DevOps from the Ops point of view". This was only its second year. It's organised by Marco Abis of »

2016 Puppet State of DevOps Report

Each year the Puppet “State of DevOps Report” is published which has become authoritative in predicting trends and directing DevOps effort. It's an analytical report based on a worldwide survey, »

Graylog Has Taken Over Our Centralized Application Logging

As all developers will know, centralized logging is the key to a happy life. Without it you spend your life trawling through servers to find the logs you need. Up »

Simple Gitlab CE HA solution

Have you ever wondered if it's possible to run Gitlab CE in a HA environment? Simple answer is yes and most important you don't have to pay a dime for »